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Post by RagesAsshole on Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:07 am

I have never played on such a terrible server in my life. The players this server attracts are 10 year old brats who complain about everything and the staff let them. I get punished and slain multiple rounds for what others do to me. Also, they thought it would be great to let high level people spawn with traitor weapons even when they're NOT a traitor. This causes confusion especially when traitor weapons are a KOS. New players are going to RDM and get punished for such a stupid plugin! And don't even get me started on the server crashes/lag. In their title it says, "No Lag," well, it doesn't often lag.. But it crashes every 30 seconds to a minute! And apparently they found the cause of the crashes and STILL haven't fixed it. I have wasted 6 hours of my life dealing with babies and terrible staff members who think they can slap you around and kill you. Never again will I play on this server, and I advise you against playing on it too.

A person who gives 2 fucks.

PS: Rage Gamer is a thick cock.


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