Killerops940's SUPER ADMIN Application

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Killerops940's SUPER ADMIN Application Empty Killerops940's SUPER ADMIN Application

Post by Killerops940 on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:18 pm

Steam Name/Steam ID: Killerops940 STEAM_0:0:50053606


Previous Experience:Operator, Moderator, and Admin for LocoTTT. Owned a Gmod Server(Know how stuff works). Owned 2-3, Co-Owned 5, Operated 10, and Staffed Over probably 50 MC servers.

What are you willing to contribute to LocoTTT? My skills and References as a Super Admin, I want to help out with the server while also having fun and enforcing the rules.

Have you read the rules? Yes I have like 20 Million Times xD

Have you been banned from the server before? If so, how long, and why? Once back when Mun started out running it and Scratchy was being a troll and banned me xD.

Tell us about yourself (Last chance to impress us):I like to be friends with everyone, Love to have fun ;3, LOVE CHEESECAKE Very Happy, and give good advise when a friend needs it. I Like to troll sometimes when needed xD (Minecraft with Scratchy and Pyroclasm).


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Killerops940's SUPER ADMIN Application Empty Re: Killerops940's SUPER ADMIN Application

Post by Mun-Administrator on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:52 pm


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