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Post by krakocollo1 [ Loco ] on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:31 am

Steam name/ID: krakocollo1 STEAM_0:1:58120738 ( If I ever become a mod/admin I will add [ Loco ] to my steam username )

Age: 16

Previous Experience: I was admin for 7 months on a server called Trouble in Taco Town. It was a pretty big server with 2,000 members in the steam group. Although the server owner went inactive and the server is no longer up.

What am I willing to contribute: I would be on every day unless I am away from home. I would hope to enforce the rules to the best of my ability, and make sure the server is a friendly environment.

Have I read the rules: Yes, multiple times to make sure I knew them

Have I been banned from the server before: No, I have never been banned from the server.

Some stuff about myself: I am very understanding and will listen to people's complaints. I do my best to resolve conflicts peacefully and fairly. I have 500+ hours of admin experience on another TTT server I used to play on. I plan on staying with this server and I hope to get to know the server community better.

Some thoughts: I have played on the server for a decent amount of time and I have never once seen any admins/moderators on. I think the server needs some more active staff. I was playing for several hours yesterday and it was just a huge RDM fest.

So yeah, I hope you will consider my application. Thanks Smile

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