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Key!--Unban Request Empty Key!--Unban Request

Post by Key! on Tue May 26, 2015 6:01 pm

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I had recently joined the server about 10 minutes ago, I played two rounds before getting banned permanently for what I assume is Hacks. American Gamer had snuck up behind me and attempted to fire this M9K Shotgun at my back. This did no damage to me for some reason, I suspected nothing of it since no blood marks were coming off me either. For some reason then, the Detective had shot me instead of American Gamer. Then, American Gamer had tried to kill Detective by shooting him in the back, three times, but it did not work either. The next round, Electron had frozen me and shot me to see if I was really invincible. People who are frozen by the admin commands cannot take damage until they are thawed!

I think the M9K Shotgun that American Gamer had been using was bugged. I was not hacking at all. This must have been a misunderstanding.

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