Captainfire234/Inaho Kaizukas Operator Application

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Captainfire234/Inaho Kaizukas Operator Application Empty Captainfire234/Inaho Kaizukas Operator Application

Post by Inaho Kaizuka on Sun May 10, 2015 9:03 pm

Captainfire234: STEAM_0:1:55968237


Experience: I have been admin on a server for awhile and know the rules to be an Admin or Operator

Contribution: I only play on this server and I've at least played on this server for more than 24 Hours

Rules: Yes I know the Rules

Banned: Yes, for changing my name in a TTT server and having an Inappropriate name

About; I can speak French, I'm in a French immersion class and still continuing. Moved to Calgary and then moved back to Manitoba, I liked a lot of girls but sadly rejected Sad. I play lot's of FPS and Strat games and I'm a chill guy if you aren't annoying.

I hope I get accepted thanks guys Very Happy
Inaho Kaizuka
Inaho Kaizuka

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