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UnBan request Kawaii Kitty Empty UnBan request Kawaii Kitty

Post by KawaiiKitty_Shiro on Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:06 pm

So I came back on the server one day playing normally. Then in the middle of a round of Airship i saw 2 people running away from a traitor shooting 2 people. I quickly looked at their names then shot the traitor killing the 2 innocents. I then later played a trick saying "Oh this traitor is telling me your the traitor" and they got paranoid and started shooting other people so i killed them. Next map i played the trick again and i predicted the traitors. Pretty accurate I was called a hacker and abusing my power as a moderator even though theres no ability that will allow a moderator to know who the traitors are. I thought someone was a traitor and i killed them turning out for them to be innocent. I slayed myself for that round and the rest of the rounds were just me predicting and stuff. I later left the server no one told me anything and then i was banned. People say I Mass rdmed traitors by just predicting if they are telling the people "hey i think this guy is the traitor" Waiting for them to shoot and then shoot back at them.


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UnBan request Kawaii Kitty Empty Re: UnBan request Kawaii Kitty

Post by Mun-Administrator on Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:37 pm

Okay, well you werent supposed to be banned on the spot in the first place. Staff should have at least investigated first so i had to do everything. No private messages evidencing ghosting, rdm logs all valid except for 2 which are questionable. I was on when this happened. I can see how this can be such a big situation but i assure everyone that there was no hacking, no ghosting, and quite frankly, learn what evidence is. None of it and she was banned like rly? Situation is over, never had problems with kitty before so I dont think this was valid being the fact that i was there when the people were killed and really, it wasnt rdm. She waited for the people to commit traitorous acts before she took action so yeah. I dont know what else to say except that yall are gonna have to get over this one. Sorry if I crushed some of your dreams.

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