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[Loco]LordMucaus[TheChosenJuan] Operator Application Empty [Loco]LordMucaus[TheChosenJuan] Operator Application

Post by LordMucaus on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:39 pm

Steam Name/Steam ID: [Loco]LordMucaus[TheChosenJuan]

Age: 18

Previous Experience: Currently a developer on a Minecraft server where I manage plugins and custom resource packs. Operator on LocoRP server, and efficient in the following programming languages: c++, java, html, lua, and python.

What are you willing to contribute to LocoTTT? I am willing to contribute whatever is necessary in order to keep the server running and fun for other players, weither it be a bit my time, or donations to the server.

Have you read the rules? Yes, and I have read and have fully understand all of them

Have you been banned from the server before? If so, how long, and why? yes, during the time a few months ago when the server was hacked and several people were banned by the hacker.

Tell us about yourself (Last chance to impress us): I am concerned about the well being of the server, there are more trolls, rdmers, and afk people more than ever. If I'm operator, my job is to preserver the well being of the server, and to make sure that all people on the server are happy and having fun. I also understand that this power can be taken from me at any time if it is mistreated or abused, so I will use it wisely.


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