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Loco TTT

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RDM Related
RDMing (killing a player without a valid KOS) will result in a slay
Avoiding slays will result in a permanent ban (i.e. RDMing and leaving)
RDMing a traitor is still RDMing.
Attempted / Accidental RDM is still RDM
Barrel RDM (Shooting a barrel without a 3 second warning) will count for two slays
Killing anyone with the Golden Gun (Detective Weapon) is not considered rdm in any way

Valid KOS's
You are acting in self-defense
You have given the player 3 warnings to stop following you yet they persist in doing so. (If a player stops following you for 15 seconds or more the warning count must be restarted.)
A player enters/refuses to leave a room you have claimed
You see another player attack someone unprovoked (crowbar hits, gunfire, lethal grenade toss)
You see another player carrying a Traitor weapon (Silenced Weapons, Knife, C4, etc.)
You see another player using a map-specific trap / breaking a map's Traitor Tester mid-round
You see another player attempting / successfully using props to damage & kill other players
You see another player hide / fail to identify an unidentified body
A player is random firing (You must give them a warning to stop, If they continue you can kill them)
A player randomly throws a Incend or discombob (only where it can cause damage to players)
A player is T-Baiting
A player has disobeyed a legitimate Detective's order
A player has KOS'd another player and you have infallible proof that their KOS is false
A player has killed another player and you have infallible proof that they have done so

Ghosting Related
Ghosting is NEVER allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
Do not use any out-of-game chat. This lets you hear callouts that would otherwise be unheard.
Do not watch streams / screen share with other players on the server when you are on the server.
Do not use PMs, admin chat or voice chat to divulge any of the following information to live players:
Being dead or a spectator and telling someone alive who the Ts are.
Being a T and telling someone alive who the Ts are.
Being dead or a spectator and telling a living player were other living players are.
Being dead or a spectator and telling a living player were unidentified bodies are.
Being dead or a spectator and telling a living player any game-specific information

General Gameplay Rules
If you kill someone for T baiting, it is at your own karma loss.
No glitching, exploiting, hacks or scripts and other related ways of cheating
Propkill is allowed in pre-round, but after that it will count for 4 slays
Do not door spam
Do not propblock
Do not repeatedly "body-block" other players
Causing karma loss by committing a KOSable (but not slayable) act will result in a Karma Penalty
False KOSing another player will result in a slay (this includes skin & weapon based KOSs)
Crossfire is the only valid excuse for an RDM, no other excuses will be taken

Miscellaneous Rules
Do not abuse voice chat (no mic spam / singing / soundboards / voice changers )No inappropriate names - when asked to change name, you better change it.
Respect admins and staff members
No point farming! (Staying afk for points)
No politics or religion
No discrimination (Race, Sexual Orientation, or Gender)
No sexual harassment
No Advertising / Soliciting
Do not "Mini-Mod" (Pretending to be staff, giving commands, etc.)
No Prop Wars, Crowbar Duels, "Mutually Agreed RDM", etc.
Killing yourself after breaking a rule does not excuse you being slain next round
Attempting to crash/crashing the server will result in a ban

Innocent Rules
You can only shoot someone if you have a valid KOS.
Be forgiving. People make mistakes. You can always mark them as a suspect when in doubt.
Do not disobey the Detective or KOS the Detective.
No claiming rooms until overtime(does not apply to detective).
Only Detectives can give orders.
Do not commit Traitorous / KOS'able acts
You can kill AFK's ONLY during Overtime.

Traitor Rules
Do not let the time run out. It's a waste of other players time and slayable.
Do not camp the T room for more than 1 minute.
Do not kill your traitor buddy(s).
Do not call out your traitor buddy(s) names without their consent.
Be offensive, not defensive.

Detective Rules
Abide by the innocent rules as well as these special rules.
Do not tell innocents to do traitorous acts (This includes telling them to kill someone that is not KOS).
Do not tell innocents to give you their weapons (exceptions being a Detective weapon that they stole)
You may kill a person for not following a detective's order that follows these rules. (This includes ordering people to leave a room)

Map Related
Turning off the lights is Kosable and as innocent falls under intentional karma loss. 
Turning on the water is Kosable and as innocent falls under intentional karma loss. 
Glitching the laser trap is slayable and Kosable as innocent or traitor. Each death caused by this will count as an RDM. (Richland)
Chargeing the axe is KOSable (Roof Tops)
Do not put a prop at the bottom of the gun-shop (67th) or the ladder (Pool). Each death caused by this will count an RDM.
Placing/holding mines on Whitehouse is KOSable.

TTT Vocabulary
RDM : Random Death Match (Killing without proper reason)
Ghosting : Using outside means of communication to cheat
T Baiting : Saying things like "I'm a T", or any other sentence that would imply you're a traitor
T : Traitor
D/Det : Detective
KOS : Kill on Sight
Inno : Innocent

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